Il robot simile al Mazinkaiser. Il Pilder che si aggancia alla testa del robot denominato Skull Pilder (data la forma di teschio). Questo Manzinga porta con se un'enorme spada a denti di squalo, che a differenza dei Mazinga originali non pu essere riposta nel corpo del robot; tale arma possiede un manico allungabile e mutabile in catena. L'arma talmente grande che se sbattuta al suolo con forza pu generare onde d'urto. Sul petto, a differenza delle placche pettorali da cui viene lanciato il raggio termico, vi si trovano un paio di grandi pistole caricabili con proiettili, missili e lanciabili come boomerang. In pi il robot dotato anche di pugni a razzo. Esiste anche un robot dalle sembianze femminili, le cui armi principali sono le lame sugli avambracci; tale robot molto simile ad un mix tra Minerva X e Devil Lady e si chiama Wingle. Sembra che vi sia anche un esercito di robot femminili simili ad Afrodite A della serie di Mazinga Z, dotate di spade laser e pistole a raggi. Mazinkaizer SKL[n 3] (マジンカイザーSKL, Majinkaizā SKL?), also called Mazinkaizer Skull and Mazinkaiser SKL, is a Japanese OVA series and the 11th Mazinger series ever made based on Go Nagai's original works. The first episode will be released on January 28, 2011 (2011-01-28) and will be first screened on November 27, 2010 (2010-11-27). It also has a novel adaptation serialized in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Hobby Magazine and a manga adaptation published in the mobile phone magazine Shu 2 Comic Gekkin.[1] Like Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen, characters and references to other works of Go Nagai appear in this series. Prior to the events of the anime, the three factions - the Garan Army, the Kiba Army, and the Hachiryokaku (Aira Army), battle for total dominance of Machine Island, which they occupy. The island is basically a prison, isolated from the rest of the world. To assure total quarantine, a "Gravity Curtain" was formed within the island. Only machines created by the worldwide government WSO are capable of entry to the island. The island also contains vast amount of resources, allowing the three factions to create a near-limitless supply of giant robots for their respective armies. The WSO has learned that the Gravity Curtain has reached an unstable status and will explode within 66 hours, destroying all of Earth and human life itself. Each of the three factions controls a part of the mechanism responsible for the Gravity Curtain's operation. Knowing the danger of disabling the Gravity Curtain and combating the various factions, the WSO decides to send the Skull Force. The Skull Force is divided into two squadrons - one of which is the 2 member-only Death Caprice Squad, composed of Ken Kaido and Ryo Magami, pilots of the Mazinger called Mazinkaizer SKL.....
[Skull Pilder]
* Wingle (ウイングル, uinguru?) The female support robot for Mazinkaizer SKL. The Wingle's design incorporates the female mechas used in the Mazinger franchise (Aphrodite A, Venus A & Minerva X). It is given a Black and light Purple colors with some gold trimmings. The bat-like wings attached to the rear of the Wingle's head act as a Scrander part for SKL, allowing the latter flight capabilities. Like SKL, the Wingle also has a detachable cockpit on its head called the "Lady Falcon", which is piloted by Tsubasa in the anime, and Scarlet in the manga. * Bakuryuki Kiba's personal mecha. It is a green colored unit with horns shaped like a Crescent Moon on its head and shoulders, almost resembling a samurai warrior. Like Mazinkaizer SKL, it is a very agile unit despite its heavily armored appearance. It rides a vehicle made of Caterpillar Tracks for faster transport and is equipped with two large cannons on the front, although they were never used in the anime. * Geistteles The personal mecha of Garan. It is a large robot with the color schemes of white, gold, and gray. Three horns are attached to its head, with spikes on the shoulder and knee caps and claws for the feet. * Psycho Gear A mass-produced female combat mecha of the Hachiryokaku. It is equipped with Beam Weapons for combat, as well as produce a barrier needed to protect the Hachiryokaku's home base from enemy attacks. The Psycho Gears piloted by the Hurricane, Fancy, Misty, and Flash are unique in which they are in different design stylings. * GRK-7 Mass-produced units of Kiba's army. The unit is based on Garada K7, one of the enemy units of Mazinger Z, and carries its signature giant sickles attached to its head. A mono-eyed mechanized head is used in place of a Skull from the original Garada K7 and is given color schemes of purple and light green. * DBM-2 Also a Mass-Produced unit of Kiba's army. This unit is based on the enemy mecha Doublas M2, also from Mazinger Z. It retains the dual head design and spikes on the legs. Changes made were to the lizard-like heads being more mechanic, sporting three sets of scopes and a mounting weapon at its mouth. It is given a more desert-style color scheme and a large Gattling Gun is attached to the right hand. * X Battler Garan's personal robot army. They are muscular robots with bull-like horns attached to its head. They have various color schemes and also possess a variety of combat weapons, such as Lances, Glaives, Flails, and Archery-type weapons. * Mazin Brothers Appearing only in the novel version, the Mazin Brothers are mass-produced versions of Mazinger Z. While it shares the same appearance as the original, it does not possess the same set of weapons. Instead, the Mazin Brother is either equipped with a set of Missile Launchers, or a large Rust Hurricane Backpack as weapons. * Mazinger Z Appearing only in the novel version. This Mazinger Z appears severely damaged as it leads an army of mass-produced versions of itself called the Mazin Brothers in a losing battle against an enemy army. Despite its condition and the grim situation, Mazinger Z continues to battle until the arrival of Mazinkaizer SKL who provides the much needed reinforcement. The pilot of Mazinger Z is not named. [edit] Production -->


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