Lungometraggi Hong Kong - USA

I seguenti lungometraggi sono stati realizzati a Hong Kong da Joseph Lai, noto produttore film di arti marziali e di genere orientale perlopiù di serie B. Questi lungometraggi sono il risultato dello sciagurato montaggio di scene e sequenze di anime coreani che a loro volta erano copia dei più famosi anime robotici giapponesi.

La lista dei titoli di Hong Kong-USA più significativi

  • Raiders of Galaxy
  • Protectors of the Universe
  • Defenders of Space
  • Captain of Cosmos
  • Space Thunder Kids
  • Space Transformers
  • The Cosmos Conqueror
  • Wonder of Frontier

    La lista dei titoli pubblicati in Italia

  • Il Protettore dell'Universo
  • Super Mazinga contro Godzilla e i Megarobot
  • Gli Avventurieri della Galassia
  • Il Dottor Butler e il computer maledetto
  • Zimba contro gli UFO robot

    A seguire le corrispondenze tra i titolo coreano, Hong Kong-americano e italiano, quando giunto nel nostro paese.

    super mazinga 3 raiders of galaxy gli avventurieri della galassia01 dottor butler01
    mazinger7 protettore dell universo usakor01 protettore dell universo01 super mazinga contro godzilla01
    phoenix king defenders of space zimba contro gli ufo robot01
    locandina hku captain of cosmos k01 locandina hku captain of cosmos01
    locandina hku solar adventure k01 ../0grafic/imgnf.jpg 6oav/hkusa/locandina_hku_solar_adventure.jpg
    locandina hku space transformers k01 locandina hku space transformers01 ../0grafic/imgnf.jpg 6oav/hkusa/locandina_hku_microcommando_diatron5_01.jpg
    ../0grafic/imgnf.jpg 6oav/hkusa/locandina_hku_space_thunder_kids_k01.jpg locandina hku space thunder kids01
    locandina hku the cosmos conqueror k01 locandina hku the cosmos conqueror01

    Raiders of Galaxy

    raiders of galaxy01
    (8 immagini)

    Raiders of Galaxy - I have been unable to tell for certain, but it appears to be Mazinger 3 due to the fact that the hero robot in it is called, well, Mazinger 3. The robot in this film looks as much like Mazinger Z as Mazinger 7 did. In fact, Mazinger Z appears to be the most ripped off robot in all of Korea. You'd think the viewers would eventually pick up that something's wrong when they're seeing the same robot over and over. EDIT: Yes indeed, this film is known in Korea as Super Mazinger 3 "When the evil T. Devil wants to take control of the entire galaxy, he enlists Andrew to help him in his quest for intergalactic domination. Andrew starts capturing all of Earth's spaceships in order to investigate the planet. Meanwhile, on Earth, the scientists become curious about the disappearing ships and form a squad to investigate. When Andrew begins the invasion, the squad must enter into an epic space battle with the aliens with the fate of the world at stake. Can mankind overcome the awesome power of the alien invaders and save the world?"

    raiders of galaxy sshot01 raiders of galaxy sshot02 raiders of galaxy sshot03 raiders of galaxy sshot04 raiders of galaxy sshot05 raiders of galaxy sshot06 raiders of galaxy sshot07 raiders of galaxy sshot08
    raiders of galaxy sshot09 raiders of galaxy sshot10 raiders of galaxy sshot11 raiders of galaxy sshot12 raiders of galaxy sshot13 raiders of galaxy sshot14 raiders of galaxy sshot15 raiders of galaxy sshot16
    raiders of galaxy sshot17 raiders of galaxy sshot18 raiders of galaxy sshot19 raiders of galaxy sshot20 raiders of galaxy sshot21 raiders of galaxy sshot22 raiders of galaxy sshot23 raiders of galaxy sshot24
    raiders of galaxy sshot25 raiders of galaxy sshot26 raiders of galaxy sshot27 raiders of galaxy sshot28 raiders of galaxy sshot29 raiders of galaxy sshot30 raiders of galaxy sshot31 raiders of galaxy sshot32
    raiders of galaxy sshot33 raiders of galaxy sshot34 raiders of galaxy sshot35 raiders of galaxy sshot36 raiders of galaxy sshot37 raiders of galaxy sshot38 raiders of galaxy sshot39 raiders of galaxy sshot40
    raiders of galaxy sshot41 raiders of galaxy sshot42 raiders of galaxy sshot43 raiders of galaxy sshot44 raiders of galaxy sshot45 raiders of galaxy sshot46 raiders of galaxy sshot47 raiders of galaxy sshot48

    Protectors of the Universe

    protectors of the universe01

    Protectors of Universe - Super Express Mazinger 7. Yes, they actually had the guts to not only ripoff the appearance of a Japanese robot, but its name too. It looks almost exactly like Mazinger Z, and to top it off, it fights a red ersatz of Raideen from Brave Raideen.

    Defenders of Space

    defenders of space01
    (3 immagini)

    Defenders of Space - Phoenix-bot Phoenix King. The primary ripoff in this film is the Transformer Inferno, right down to the ability to transform into a firetruck.

    defenders of space sshot02 defenders of space sshot03 defenders of space sshot04
    defenders of space sshot05 defenders of space sshot06 defenders of space sshot07
    defenders of space sshot08 defenders of space sshot09 defenders of space sshot10
    defenders of space sshot11 defenders of space sshot12 defenders of space sshot13
    defenders of space sshot14 defenders of space sshot15 defenders of space sshot16
    defenders of space sshot17 defenders of space sshot18

    Captain of Cosmos

    locandina hku captain of cosmos k01
    locandina hku captain of cosmos01

    Captain of Cosmos - Space Black Knight. I don't think this one was licensed from ADDA Visual by Digiview, but it was previously dubbed into English under the title Johnny Rocket: Space Ninja. Notable ripoffs in this film include Mobile Suit Gundam (Amuro Ray is the main character) and Yoshiyuki Tomino's previous series Invincible Superman Zambot 3 (Many members of the Jin family appear in the film). Flyer originale

    Space Thunder Kids

    locandina hku space thunder kids01

    Finally, Space Thunder Kids. It contains footage from almost every single one of these films, the only exception being Space Black Knight. It also contains footage from two more films I haven't been able to locate. Those are the [i]Tron ripoff (understandable that it wouldn't be brought to English as a stand-alone; it seems only Video Brinquedo is gutsy enough to rip off Disney films and release them in the US) and one with the really, really bad transfer involving army guys fighting green guys on Earth. Help finding these films will be very appreciated. Flyer originale

    space thunder kids sshot01 space thunder kids sshot02 space thunder kids sshot03
    space thunder kids sshot04 space thunder kids sshot05 space thunder kids sshot06
    space thunder kids sshot07 space thunder kids sshot08 space thunder kids sshot09
    space thunder kids sshot10 space thunder kids sshot11 space thunder kids sshot12
    space thunder kids sshot13 space thunder kids sshot14 space thunder kids sshot15
    space thunder kids sshot16 space thunder kids sshot17 space thunder kids sshot18
    space thunder kids sshot19 space thunder kids sshot20 space thunder kids sshot21
    space thunder kids sshot22 space thunder kids sshot23 space thunder kids sshot24
    space thunder kids sshot25 space thunder kids sshot26 space thunder kids sshot27
    space thunder kids sshot28 space thunder kids sshot29 space thunder kids sshot30
    space thunder kids sshot31 space thunder kids sshot32 space thunder kids sshot33
    space thunder kids sshot34 space thunder kids sshot35 space thunder kids sshot36
    space thunder kids sshot37 space thunder kids sshot38 space thunder kids sshot39
    space thunder kids sshot40 space thunder kids sshot41 space thunder kids sshot42
    space thunder kids sshot43 space thunder kids sshot44 space thunder kids sshot45
    space thunder kids sshot46 space thunder kids sshot47 space thunder kids sshot48
    space thunder kids sshot49 space thunder kids sshot50 space thunder kids sshot51
    space thunder kids sshot52 space thunder kids sshot53 space thunder kids sshot54
    space thunder kids sshot55 space thunder kids sshot56 space thunder kids sshot57
    space thunder kids sshot58 space thunder kids sshot59 space thunder kids sshot60
    space thunder kids sshot61 space thunder kids sshot62 space thunder kids sshot63
    space thunder kids sshot64 space thunder kids sshot65 space thunder kids sshot66
    space thunder kids sshot67 space thunder kids sshot68 space thunder kids sshot69
    space thunder kids sshot70 space thunder kids sshot71 space thunder kids sshot72
    space thunder kids sshot73 space thunder kids sshot74 space thunder kids sshot75
    space thunder kids sshot76 space thunder kids sshot77 space thunder kids sshot78
    space thunder kids sshot79 space thunder kids sshot80 space thunder kids sshot81
    space thunder kids sshot82 space thunder kids sshot83 space thunder kids sshot84
    space thunder kids sshot85 space thunder kids sshot86 space thunder kids sshot87

    Space Transformers

    locandina hku space transformers01

    Space Transformers - Micro-Commando Diatron-5. Also released in English as Space Robot Defense and by a different company under its original title. People often say that a certain anime has the WORST DUB EVER, but so far I haven't found anything that compares to the first English dub of Diatron-5. Not only is the acting terrible and the sound quality low, but it actually hurts to listen to it at any considerable volume. I've uploaded a clip here for your suffering pleasure. Both of Joseph Lai's dubs of this scene (in Space Transformers and Space Thunder Kids) are magnificent by comparison. EDIT: Ooh, and I forgot to mention the protagonists are from Space Runaway Ideon. Go Nagai and Yoshiyuki Tomino are possibly the most plagiarized people ever due to the sheer number of Korean ripoffs of their stuff. Flyer originale

    space transformers sshot01 space transformers sshot02 space transformers sshot03
    space transformers sshot04 space transformers sshot05 space transformers sshot06
    space transformers sshot07 space transformers sshot08 space transformers sshot09
    space transformers sshot10 space transformers sshot11 space transformers sshot12
    space transformers sshot13 space transformers sshot14 space transformers sshot15
    space transformers sshot16 space transformers sshot17 space transformers sshot18
    space transformers sshot19 space transformers sshot20 space transformers sshot21
    space transformers sshot22 space transformers sshot23 space transformers sshot24
    space transformers sshot25

    The Cosmos Conqueror

    locandina hku the cosmos conqueror01

    Flyer originale

    Wonder of Frontier

    locandina hku wonder of frontier01

    Flyer originale

    Solar Adventure

    ../0grafic/imgnf.jpg 6oav/hkusa/locandina_hku_solar_adventure01.jpg

    Solar Adventure - This was the hardest to find the original Korean name of, mainly because I couldn't find the robot's name anywhere. Eventually I found it by looking up the Decepticon it ripped off (Reflector). The Korean title is ???? ??? (Roboteuwang Sseonsyakeu). I haven't been able to get a suitable translation, but it certainly doesn't translate to "Solar Adventure". Also, the Autobot Whirl is ripped off too.

    super mazinga contro godzilla01
    (5 immagini)

    Regia: Jackson M. Larry
    Durata: 70 min ca.
    Edizione Italia: 2000
    Uno scontro tra titani quello che vede impegnato Supermazinga contro Godzilla e i Megarobot...
    Il primo titolo della serie Space Cartoons.

    Gli avventurieri della galassia ((韓国制作「スーパーマジンガ3」のイタリア販売版))

    gli avventurieri della galassia01
    (2 immagini)
    gli avventurieri della galassia dvd exa01
    gli avventurieri della galassia dvd01
    (2 immagini)

    Lungometraggio americano che plagia Mazinga e i classici giapponesi.

    Una razza aliena sta tramando un piano diabolico per conquistare il pianeta Terra. Alcune basi spaziali vengono inghiottite nel nulla e i loro occupanti misteriosamente riappaiono come fiancheggiatori delle forze del Male. Sulla Terra, però, è in fase di collaudo un nuovo formidabile robot chiamato Mazinga 3, guidato da David e Angie, la cui madre è stata soggiogata dagli alieni...
    Regia di JOHNNY T. HOWARD.
    DVD Stormovie 2005

    dottor butler01

    Lungometraggio americano che plagia Mazinga e i classici giapponesi.

    Uno scienziato pazzo, il dottor Butler, vuole impadronirsi della Terra per mezzo di una sua invenzione che ha messo fuori uso tutti i computer del mondo. Ma il dottor Kim e i suoi amici, grazie all’aiuto del computer “Annie”, riusciranno a porre fine alla sua criminale attività...

    Il protettore dell'universo (韓国制作「スーパー特急マジンガ7」のイタリア販売版)

    protettore dell universo usakor01
    protettore dell universo01
    (4 immagini)
    protettore dell universo s01
    protettore dell universo exa01

    Lungometraggio americano che plagia Mazinga e i classici giapponesi. Dovrebbe essere il medesimo lungometraggio chiamato un tempo "Super Mazinga contro Godzilla e i Mecha Robot" già descritto nella presente sezione.

    Il pacifico pianeta Orione viene attaccato dalla flotta spaziale di una civiltà nemica. I pochi sopravvissuti, guidati dal figlio del sovrano, sono costretti a fuggire sulla Terra imbarcandosi sul treno spaziale Superexpress. A destinazione li accoglie il dottor Howard, creatore nella sua base spaziale del titanico robot Supermazinga 7. Il suo obiettivo è quello di riconquistare Orione, nonché di sconfiggere gli invasori...

    zimba contro gli ufo robot01

    Lungometraggio americano che plagia Mazinga e i classici giapponesi.

    Nicholas, feroce dittatore dell’impero Zimba, conquistando la fortezza di Orion ha ridotto la terra a sua colonia. L’unica salvezza è un uccello immortale: il ReFenice.
    Dopo eroici combattimenti, un gruppo di coraggiosi ragazzi riesce a trovarlo e a salvare la Terra...